Bill Maher: Immigration Reform Will "Just Create More Democrats"


BILL MAHER, HBO'S "REAL TIME" HOST: I think they don't want the votes because you know what? They know if they're going to take 11 million people and make them citizens and allow them to vote, they're just creating more Democrats. Latinos who are mostly young -- young trumps it all -- they hate Republicans. They did a survey this week --

ANA NAVARRO, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Now you are agreeing with Ann Coulter.

MAHER: I'm agreeing with facts.


MAHER: Wait. They did a study this week, young people, this is the College Republicans, they wanted to find out. These were people who voted for Obama who they could win back. They wanted to know how they felt about the Republicans. These are the words: close-minded, racist, rigid, old fashioned. That's what young people think of Republicans. Probably because they are close-minded, racist, rigid and old fashioned.

NAVARRO: Let's go back to the point about legalizing 11 million [illegal immigrants] means 11 million Democrats. As the only Latino on the panel, I like to opine on this. I'm a Republican Latino. We are not lemmings; we are people. We don't follow just blindly, we have opinions.


NAVARRO: Let me just say --

MAHER: But 71% [of Latinos] voted for Obama.

NAVARRO: Because who were they going to vote for? Mitt Romney, who wanted to self-deport?

MAHER: And who are you going to put up next time that they're going to like better?

NAVARRO: Oh, almost anybody.

KEVIN WILLIAMSON, NATIONAL REVIEW: How much luck did you have with McCain?

NAVARRO: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, almost anybody. We have absolutely no choice because we lose if we don't. Our only choice is to try to get this done and then work very hard to recover some of that Hispanic vote. It's not going to happen over night and it's just not going to happen because of our immigration [inaudible]. We have no choice as Republicans.

WILLIAMSON: That's a lot of wishful thinking. I mean, you didn't have very good luck having them come out to vote for McCain, either. You know, you were in charge of that, right?


WILLIAMSON: So your experience told you what? That Latinos aren't going to come vote for Republicans. Even a moderate guy, a 'moderate' like John McCain. I don't think it's 11 million Democrats, I think it's more like 6 million. For every two, you know, you get one and you're doing yourself a disservice.

MAHER: It's a majority.

WILLIAMSON: And I think that they're probably right about that. I don't think that they're going to win that vote back. (HBO's Real Time, June 7, 2013)

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