Shep Smith: "FOX News Can Now Confirm There's No More Privacy"


SHEP SMITH: We have that document that the Founders wrote out. They can make whatever laws they want, but I wonder, Judge Napolitano says this has no hope of standing the test of the constitution if ever tested. The problem is there's no way to test it because you don't know when you're the victim.


CHRIS WALLACE: If I make a call to you ask that record is held by a third party, namely the phone company, that we have no presumption of privacy and that is government's business. So the Supreme Court has said that kind of data mining is constitutional.

SHEP SMITH: That's good. I knew privacy was dead. Now it's confirmed. FOX News can now confirm there's no more privacy. It's over. So, you know, whatever you wear around the bedroom, just figure everybody is looking at you. Ahh!

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