Krauthammer On Obama's Handling Of Surveillance: "You Can't Trust The Administration"


CHRIS WALLACE: Obama says federal judges can be trusted to keep data mining/PRISM programs honest. Why? When his administration got one, meaning a judge, to sign the Rosen one.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: She's absolutely right, but it's mostly the fact that you can't trust the administration that it went to a judge with information that nows says it was false, meaning that he was a criminal co-conspirator, Rosen was, when they said he had no intension of making a criminal case involving him. So, they were the ones false information. The trust information has to do with the executive and not the judiciary.

And there's also an issue of being straight with the American people. You show the clip of the president saying you can't have a 100% security and a 100% privacy. Here is what he said in his first inaugural address: 'We reject as false our safety and our ideals.' So here he is, the Olympian, the messianic redeemer who is going to abolish all the conundrums of our politics, which is the conflict between security and liberty. And now all of a sudden he discovers that there really is a conflict...

So that's the essence of our politics. Here's a guy who comes into office and denies it and now he admits it, and he only admits it after you get a leak. After all of this is over. Tucker is right, the real issue here is the secrecy. Here's a president who a few weeks ago gives a speech and essentially says the tide of war is receding and the War on Terror is done. He wants to abolish the authorization for the use of force.

So, on the one hand he says the war is over, on the other hand he's conducting an extraordinary, massive anti-terror program, which he is expanding. How does he justify that? The War on Terror is over, why are you running a dragnet? And that he never discusses and he thought he wouldn't have to discuss because he kept it all a secret. (Special Report, June 7, 2013)

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