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Dershowitz: Don't "Overreact" To NSA Surveillance By Stopping Essential Technology

Civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz says limits are needed but he supports NSA data mining of Internet activity.

MORGAN: You see, I think that's a very good point. And what it comes down to, Alan, isn't it, it comes down to trust. I think Obama's big problem is that this comes so soon --

DERSHOWITZ: Absolutely.

MORGAN: -- after first Benghazi.


MORGAN: And then particularly the IRS scandal, because there you have information being collated in an apparently normal trustworthy manner, and then being abused, and the fear here is that, you know, they've done it once, they'll do it again.

DERSHOWITZ: It's an absolutely legitimate fear. Absolutely legitimate. But what we have to do, though, is take a deep breath. We have to examine what's going on. We don't know what we don't know. If it turns out that in order to focus on a particular individual, you have to go and get a specific warrant, that gives a level of protection. I don't like the secret court.


DERSHOWITZ: We need to have firewalls. We need to create balances. We need to create -- the Supreme Court the other day said you can get DNA from people who are arrested for crime. If the only DNA you could get is that which is like a fingerprint, that's one thing but if you can then use it to go and find medical records, we need firewalls. We need safety. We shouldn't ever trust. But we need to think hard about this and strike the appropriate balance. We shouldn't overreact by taking away from our government essential technological powers that do in fact protect us.

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