Krauthammer On NSA Program: "I'm Not At All Upset By What Was Revealed Today"


CHRIS WALLACE: Charles, what is your take on the overall programs as we've learned so far and particularly on PRISM, our information somewhat sketchy. And also, Senator Barack Obama's apparent change of heart?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, he's had a lot of those and there has been a lot of hypocrisy. And I'm not surprised when he becomes commander in chief and they come about the threats out there and his hair stands on end and he says, 'Well, perhaps Bush was on the right track.' So, it's not surprised, it's good for the country that a conservative does it and then a liberal. And then the people understand this is required.

I'm not at all upset by what was revealed today about the phone program. It is meta information. And you get 'a', you have to go to a judge. 'B,' it's sifted by a computer looking for patterns. It's data mining. If it finds a pattern it has to go see a judge again and look into it individually. And that I think is reasonable.

The PRISM sounds a lot different because it sounds as if -- we're not sure if it involves content. I also think that the word PRISM has a Bond connotation. It's the villain on the island is working on the prism program. So it has kind of a spooky tone. (Special Report, June 6, 2013)

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