Axelrod On IRS: "If There Was Somebody Politically Involved In This, It Never Would Have Happened"


DAVID AXELROD: Congresswoman, I think it was an idiotic thing to do. But I will point you to the is-- inspector general's report that said, "It wasn't done for a political reason. They were flooded with applications--"

ANA NAVARRO: And you know what, David? That's very hard to swallow--


ANA NAVARRO: When you're a Republican, it's very hard to swallow that it wasn't done for political reasons when the words that were chosen as target words were conservative, Tea Party--

DAVID AXELROD: I've said this many times--

ANA NAVARRO: When you have a group that was supporting president, you know, the 2007 group Freedom Watch that we saw yesterday come out where donors were getting audited and targeted as well, not just the groups. This is just --

DAVID AXELROD: There were --

ANA NAVARRO: It's very hard-- you know, it's very easy for your side to say it isn't political.

DAVID AXELROD: There were groups --

DAVID AXELROD: It's not me --

ANA NAVARRO: It's very hard for our side to accept it when we're the ones who we targeted--

DAVID AXELROD: It's not me, what-- it was the inspector general --

REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN: Well, and this was part of it too, here --

DAVID AXELROD: It was the inspector general who said that. I've said this many times, if there was somebody political involved in this, it never would've happened because it was the stupidest thing you could imagine.

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