Maher: "The Problem With Obamacare Isn't Too Much Socialism, It's Still Too Much Capitalism"


BILL MAHER: In The New Republic this week, they say based on the premiums that insures have submitted. For the majority of Californians, buying coverage on the state's new insurance exchange -- that's Obamacare, that's the exchanges. That's what's coming as the law goes into effect next year.

'Californians will be paying less, in many cases far less than what they would pay for equivalent coverage.'

I'm just asking because this is what the people from the tea lagoon said would never happen. They said rates would explode. It seems like in states where they want it to work, it could and will work and in states like Texas, where they don't want it to work, it won't. And that seems to me a little bit treasonous.

You know, to root against it, after it's law -- I mean, no law is perfect. But, you know, in 2008 we all said, 'we've got to do something.' So a bill was endlessly debated and then passed, legally. And now, unlike Medicare and Medicaid, and CHIPs. Which were all programs that were then approved upon. The Republicans have voted to repeal it 37 times. They just don't seem to work with it now that it's law. Is that right?


MAHER: So you didn't like it when Republicans had it either?

JAMES POLOUS: Not a good idea and not constitutional. Sorry.

MAHER: Okay, but Mitt Romney in Massachusetts; Bob Dole twenty years. The idea was lets have personal responsibility. I thought that was a hallmark of Republicanism. Let's stop the freeloaders in the emergency room, people who are living off other people's paying for healthcare. That seemed to me like a conservative idea.

NEERA TANDEN: So I think, look, there's a lot of ideology. I think that the idea that we're just going to throw out terms like nightmare and bureaucracy. The truth is, as we're going to see -- sometimes they go hand-in-hand with conservatives. But the facts are --

JAMES POULOS: Do you think implementing Obamcare is going to be easy and that it's going to work?

NEERA TANDEN: I think it's going to work. Look, we have --

MAHER: I brought this up because this is a fact. People are paying less, that's the point.

TANDEN: Here's the thing, we have an example right now in California. Insurers are coming in and they are offering their rates. Their rates are lower -- what they are offering in exchange is lower than what they've been offering up to date because there is competition.

This is what is so odd about this. And then the irony of the attacks on Obamacare all along, which is these are conservative ideas. Having a marketplace, people being able to choose --

MAHER: Right

TANDEN: People being able to see the prices and compete.

MAHER: We didn't go for the socialist plan. The problem with Obamacare isn't too much socialism, it's still too much capitalism. (HBO's Real Time, May 31, 2013)

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