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AK Gov. Parnell Delivers Weekly GOP Address: Tap Into Domestic Energy Resources

GOP: In the Weekly Republican Address, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell discusses ways that local, state and federal governments can ensure safe, reliable and affordable access to America's vast energy resources. Yet despite the potential for American energy independence, Governor Parnell says, the White House too often puts the brakes on domestic energy production, wasting taxpayer dollars instead on green energy boondoggles that have collapsed in failure and bankruptcy.

"If Washington, D.C. would start working with states to unlock access to federal lands, an economic boom would be felt across this nation, lifting wages, and creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and improving our national security through energy independence," Governor Parnell says.

"What we propose is a fact-finding mission on federal lands with the State of Alaska covering up to one-third of the cost, so Americans have the facts on ANWR, and can understand what’s at stake for the country," he also said.

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