Axelrod: Holder "Was Carrying Out His Responsibilities" By Probing James Rosen


MSNBC contributor and former Obama campaign and White House adviser David Axelrod said Attorney General Eric Holder was just "carrying out his responsibilities" as the nation's chief law enforcement officer when his Justice Department investigated FOX News' James Rosen.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Do you think Eric Holder should resign?

DAVID AXELROD: Absolutely not. He was carrying out--

SCARBOROUGH: Did you say absolutely not?

AXELROD: He was carrying out his responsibilities, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: Did he overreach?

AXELROD: I'm always uncomfortable with the notion of a reporter being named as a co-conspirator in a petition. I'm not sure I know that the assertion was made that it was only done once before. I don't think that-- We should not hold the reporter responsible for doing a reporter's job.

SCARBOROUGH: Should Eric Holder and the Justice Department apologize to this guy, this James Rosen guy, for naming him in this, as a possible co-conspirator in an espionage case? Would that help?

AXELROD: I'm not sure if this is a matter of assuaging Mr. Rosen's sensibilities...

SCARBOROUGH: It's for the American people.

AXELROD: It's a matter Joe of, this is what the law permits, and how do we go about this in the right way moving forward based on these experiences. I don't think what Eric Holder did was against the-- this notion that somehow he had criminal intent. (Morning Joe, May 31, 2013)

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