Brokaw On AP Scandal: Just Because Public Isn't Interested Doesn't Make It Unimportant


TOM BROKAW: Because the public is not terribly interested doesn't make it unimportant, frankly, at this point. I think that there are very important issues that are involved here on both sides, by the way. The government feels very strongly that it was a violation probably of the espionage secret acts. That there was intel that they had developed in a very short term basis that they didn't want the North Koreans to know about at a critical time. It got out. They went and had the reporter and the source, in my judgment, in a ham-handed fashion. And then the explanations afterwards took a very circuitous route between what the Attorney General had to say before the hearings, what he said publicly, what the White House is saying.

I do believe that this meeting this afternoon should absolutely be on the record. Let the sunshine in. Let's find out what the defense is, what the press institutions have to say. (The Cycle, May 30, 2013)

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