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Carl Cameron: Democrats Worried About The Impact Of Obama On Party

FOX News' Carl Cameron reports what the impact of recent Obama administration scandals may be on future elections.


CARL CAMERON, FNC: The Obama Administration’s scandals over Benghazi, spying on reporters, and the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has the GOP reinvigorated and Democrats worried:

REINCE PREIBUS, Fmr. RNC Chairman: They’re seeing that you’ve got a scandal-plagued White House, which has an effect on all Democrats across the country.

CAMERON: Republican fundraising has ticked up, congressional investigations are making headlines weekly, and Democrats know damage to the president’s reputation hurts their ahead of next year’s congressional elections.

DOUG THORNELL, Fmr. DCCC Chairman: Any time you’re in the second term of a presidency, the party starts to be defined by that president. You can look at George W. Bush, you can look at Bill Clinton, that afterward, it took some time for the party to get a new identity outside of their leader.

CAMERON: When Obama took office, the Democratic Party had a 62 favorable rating. It’s down 15 percent to 47. It’s partly Obama’s agenda, but his credibility has has also suffered. The president has repeatedly claimed ignorance when various new scandal details have emerged, and senior advisers, in fact knew about the IRS scandal earlier than they initially admitted and supposedly never gave the president a heads up.

LANNY DAVIS: Plausible deniability is what they wanted the president to have. The deliberately didn’t tell him. That’s not plausible.

CAMERON: Even before allegations of administration misconduct, Democrats were grumbling. On May 9, in a 12-page memo to business and political leaders titled America… Still Looking For Change That It Can Believe In, Doug Sosnik, a former top political strategist during Bill Clinton’s second term wrote, “Obama’s successful 2008 campaign and his 2012 reelection masks a party that is also in decline and one that is at considerable risk when Obama is no longer on the scene.”

Since President Obama took office, Democrats have had a net loss of 56 House seats, 2 Senate seats, and 9 Governorships. When Congress left for this week’s recess, GOP leaders told members to stick to the facts and try to avoid the overreaching partisan rhetoric that can sometimes backfire and turn off GOP voters, particularly now that some left-wing news media want Holder’s resignation.

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