Krauthammer: Sebelius Using Private Money To Pitch Obamacare Will Be Admin's "Iran-Contra"


BRET BAIER: I should say that another of the potential sandals or at least being looked into is Kathleen Sebelius and going after private money to pitch the Obamacare law.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's the Obama administration's own Iran-Contra, raising the money on the side because it can't get it through Congress. Which constitutionally is supposed to appropriate the money that the executive spends. But I think on this issue with the unions, you heard the president in the clip you showed, he said nothing the plan will require you to change your coverage. It's a very clever construction.

It is true, technically true. You're not required to change but, of course, so much is changing in the system that all the incentives are changed and people are going to lose it. It's called an unintended consequence but, of course, it's one and even unforeseen, but it was obvious. I mean the arrogance of altering hundreds of elements of the single most complex social system in the country, healthcare, which effects everybody, 18% of the economy. And imaging that these experts in Washington are able to predict exactly how the parts are going to interact is utterly insane.

And now we are seeing, as it rolls out, what the actual interactions are. And here, of course, the unions aren't required to give up their coverage. However, what's going to happen is the exchanges are going to offer a deal that the unions can't meet. The younger workers will abandon the unions, and the union heads understand they are going to get stripped of their membership. And that's what's causing the panic. (Special Report, May 28, 2013)

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