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Colin Quinn: Comedians Afraid To Joke About Obama Because Of Accusations Of Racism

"In this country, for last 5 years, nobody has made a joke about the President of the United States. Nobody. They make jokes around Obama, but they won't make jokes about him," veteran comedian Colin Quinn said on HuffPost Live on Wednesday.

"The joke will be like, 'Hey, you hear about Obama? Joe Biden's an ass! Hahaha,'" Quinn said.

"Sure, that's part of our culture, to not make fun of the president," Quinn sarcastically said. "You understand how absurd that is?"

"And It's all political correctness," Quinn said. "People don't make jokes about Obama because they're like 'if you make a joke about President Obama, it's subconsciously racist.'"

"I'll prove I'm not racist by treating him different than I would treat any white president," Quinn said ironically. "It's patronizing him."

"The only person that's made jokes about President Obama in the last five years is him. He has to do it at the White House Correspondents Dinner. That's how bad it's gotten," Quinn said.

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