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Bachmann: "God Is Going To Answer Our Prayers" And Free Us From Obamacare

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN: That's why you saw the House of Representatives pass my bill, the full repeal of Obamacare last week, and that's why I have renewed confidence that we can see this bill pass in the Senate and I think the President will ultimately be forced to repudiate his own signature piece of legislation because the American people will demand it.

And I think before his second term is over, we're going to see a miracle before our eyes, I believe God is going to answer our prayers and we'll be freed from the yoke of Obamacare. I believe that's going to happen and we saw step one last week with the repeal of Obamacare in the House. We have two more steps. We serve a mighty God and I believe it can happen. (James Dobson Radio, May 21, 2013) (via Right Wing Watch)

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