Vanden Heuvel: GOP Using "Weapons Of Mass Distraction" Against Obama


KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL: Even the "National Review" had an editorial this week, "Scandal is No Agenda." Now I would argue that the Republican Party is unified by its determination to obstruct President Obama. It's doing a good job. One of the terrible things this past week to see again how it's obstructing the confirmation of appointees needed to run a functional government.

However, I would say that the president, his administration is floundering because they haven't, they've allowed weapons of mass distraction to dominate because they haven't found their core agenda for the second term. What is it? Is it immigration reform, which might well have a better chance of passing because of this distraction in Washington.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Better chance?

VANDEN HEUVEL: Yes I think because people will be distracted by the scandals. But I think jobs, where's the job creation? Where's the action on guns? These are focuses of an administration that knows what it wants to do in a second term. So I think there's blame to go around.

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