Karl Rove On Benghazi Emails: "White House Was In This"


ROVE: As to Brit’s comment, I think he’s absolutely right. These emails raise more questions than they answer. For example, 9:24 on Friday afternoon, Friday evening. We have Victoria Nuland saying, my building, neither I nor my building, the State Dept. spokesman says neither I, nor my building are happy with these talking points at this point. That was public before, what came out of the emails was, there’s another sentence that says, they are in communication with, or they are talking to NSS – National Security Staff – meaning, the White House.

So somebody in State above her is talking to somebody above Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor at the White House at 10:00 at night on Friday night. Now we also know, Saturday morning, at a White House deputies meeting, all of the reference to terrorism are struck out of the CIA draft of the talking points. At a White House meeting. And I’ll tell you one last thing, on Friday there is a, there is just this weird email, it’s actually a summary of a Secure Video Conference. Significant people at the FBI, and the National intelligence, and in there, there is a sentence that grabbed my attention. Mike Morell, the deputy director of the CIA says, he volunteers to work with Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor on the talking points. So we haveβ€”

WALLACE: These are members of the White House national security staff.

ROVE: Right, so we have the number two guy at the CIA, saying I’m not going to talk to the national security advisor or the deputy national security advisor. I’m going to be talking to the number three and number four inside the National Security Council to see if I can’t unglue the talking points. This shows the White House was in this. The big question we still don’t know is, who came up with the theory to blame it on the video. And we hadβ€”

WALLACE: That was not in the talking points at all.

ROVE: Not in the talking points at all. And we have a hint of this on Saturday afternoon and evening, there is a series of exchanges between an unnamed member of the U.S. mission at the United Nations, and Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor saying, we need to get coordinated on Susan Rice’s appearances tomorrow morning. So we deserve to know who concocted this lie. And it looks like it was inside the White House with Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor. (FOX News Sunday Panel Plus, May 19, 2013)

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