Bill Maher On IRS Scandal: "Is It Unreasonable To Target An Anti-Tax Group?"


BILL MAHER, HOST: I know it's wrong. Is it unreasonable to target an anti-tax group? This is after all a group that named itself after a tax revolt that wants to abolish the IRS. It's like when a cop gets shot, the cops kind of take that personally.


BILL MAHER: This is also a scandal the way we do campaign finance. This is a result of Citizens United. We gave the IRS a task they shouldn't have -- to try to tell whether these people are 'political' or a 'social welfare' group. Now they are plainly trying to cheat -- as liberal groups do too. The one I gave a million bucks too, same thing. Cheating. Because they're not really not political, they're not really a social welfare group. But again, we did catch people cheating. (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, May 17, 2013)

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