Brit Hume: "Stupid" For Republicans To Talk About Impeachment Right Now


LAURA INGRAHAM: Brit, we had a lot of Republicans running to the microphone yesterday and quite a number of them were using the i-word, i.e. impeachment of Barack Obama. What's your take on the reaction so far among some of our more conservative Congressman and Senators?

BRIT HUME: I think it's stupid for them to say stuff like that. These cases will be driven by the facts, which has happened so far -- information drives these things. And big talk about big measures and most people in this country, I think, regard impeachment as an extreme measure necessary in some rare cases is way premature and it only runs the risk of having this appear to be political on their side.

The administration's defense, you hear it all the time, is this is just a political circus. So, what happens next? These guys run out in the center of the ring and start proving it's a political circus. I don't think it is, I think it's a serious case. But the more they talk like that, the more it will hurt their credibility. (The Laura Ingraham Show, May 17, 2013) (via MFP)

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