Krauthammer On Obama's IRS Response: "The Absolute Minimum He Could Have Done"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That was a holding operation. That was the absolute minimum he could have done. He relieves one person, he obviously had to. He had to relieve at least one person. He chose, of course, the acting commissioner but I would have expected more. The other actions he announced are up to now meaningless.

Obama and this administration have said a hundred times they're going to hold x, y, or z accountable for all kinds of behavior. In benghazi, you know, regarding a lot of other scandals. He even speaks about Syrian generals are going to be held accountable. It means nothing. And then he says there will be an investigation from the Treasury. Well, that just means the left hand of the government investigating the right hand. He did say he'll cooperate with Congress. But then he has the chutzpah to essentially warn Republicans not to make this into a political event when what we're talking about is the IRS applying political criteria inexcusably unconstitutionally, probably criminally, in deciding who it's going to investigate. So I found this the bare minimum. It will hold him for 12 hours, but no more. (Special Report, May 15, 2013)

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