Mark Levin On IRS Scandal: "Where Were The Republicans In The House A Year Ago?"


MARK LEVIN: I'm going to tell you something else that bothers me, Neil -- why didn't Congress, a year ago, use its power to issue subpoenas, it's power to call witnesses, its power to put people under oath and hold them in contempt or pass them on for perjury and so forth? Why didn't Congress dig into this? You know, they had a hearing and it happened to come it at a hearing and they're writing letters. Congress has a lot of power, we have separation of powers issue here.

There were scores of tea party groups and others saying, we're being abused. we are being threatened. Look at these forms. And the best they can do is sit around and wait for the Treasury department? I say, Congress -- now they're all running around and saying, 'we're going to hold hearings.'

Where was Susan Collins a year ago? Where was Carl Levin a year ago? Frankly, where where were the Republicans in the House a year ago? Very timid, very passive. This is serious business, the Internal Revenue Service harassing people. (Your World, May 13, 2013)

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