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Carl Bernstein: "Can't Imagine" Obama Involved In IRS Scandal

WILLIE GEIST: Just to be clear, you're not saying, you said before we know President Obama, we can't make any connection: we're not saying because you like the guy that we should take his word that we should go on faith. This deserves a full hearing.

BERNSTEIN: Absolutely. Look. In fact, some people high up in the IRS and if there is anybody in the White House which I cannot imagine but if it turns out to be the case, there ought to be a full investigation of this. There also is a problem --

SCARBOROUGH: Can I ask you about that? You just said something interesting, you can't imagine anybody in the White House would know. Isn't that the benefit of the doubt that perhaps Democratic administrations get that Republican administrations do not get because you get this sense that the press has not been as aggressive on Benghazi because of the people that have beating the drum on Benhazi from the very beginning?

BERNSTEIN: I don't think that's so. I think that the press all around has been quite aggressive on Benghazi. (via Newsbusters)

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