George Will: IRS Actions Against Conservatives An Impeachable Offense


MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS: I want to start with you George Will and the IRS. What a week the IRS, look at these headlines. IRS targeted tea party groups for scrutiny. Searching words like "patriot," "tea party." Does this sound like a familiar story to you George Will?

GEORGE WILL: Mr. Hicks, when he was in Libya said his jaw dropped at the explanation back here. This was a job dropping moment. In a response to a question at an American Bar Association Convention, a second level IRS person said, oh yeah by the way, we did target these people. Not progressives.

RADDATZ: Which apparently they've known about for a while.

WILL: Oh the Tea Party people have known about this and have been working on this.


WILL: But they said a) it was inadvertent, just some odd underlings out in Cincinnati and who did this. And there was no political motive whatever involved. Now the question is, how stupid do they think we are? Just imagine, Donna Brazile, if the George W. Bush administration had IRS underlings, out in Cincinnati of course, saying, we're going to target groups with the word "progressive" in their title. We would have all hell breaking loose.

May I read you something from an ancient document?

RADDATZ: Yes you may. I would be surprised if you didn't.

WILL: This is the 40th anniversary of the Watergate summer here in Washington. "He has through his subordinates and agents endeavored to cause in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner." Section 1, Article 2, the Impeachment Articles of Richard Nixon. (This Week, May 12, 2013)

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