Buchanan: "Rubio Has Bet His Presidential Hopes" On Outcome Of Immigration Reform


"His entire career has been bet on this immigration bill," Pat Buchanan said about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). "The Heritage Foundation study is obviously going to appeal to a tremendous number of conservatives. It will make them go further, as harder against the bill than they are right now."

"And I think, Marco Rubio's problem, John, is he's got himself on the side of amnesty and a path to citizenship. Then you got others, like Senator Cruz of Texas, who are taking the the other side. There's going to be a war inside the Republican party. This bill will probably pass the Senate. But when it gets over to the House, I think it's going to be torn to pieces, and I think that bill is going to fail,"

"And Marco Rubio has bet his presidential hopes on this bill particular bill," Buchanan observed. "It started off very strong, but it's now moving the other way against it." (The McLaughlin Group, May 10, 2013)

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