Bill Maher On Benghazi: "I Still Don't Know What The Scandal Is"


BILL MAHER: Keeping with our two Americas theme, how about the political two Americas? Because in Republican America this week, Benghazi was all the rage. If you watched FOX News, this story was like they saved Hitler's brain times ten walk on the moon. It was the biggest story ever! And if you listen to normal people, it was just some partisan dopes trying to make political hay off some dead bodies. I still don't know what the scandal is. Anyone?


MAHER: Tell me what the scandal is. I honestly want to know. A guy testified that he heard that when there was an attack on the embassy, that an attack was on going on. So he called the Air Force or somebody in the military to send jets and they said, ''I'm sorry they couldn't get there in time, the end.'"

Tell me what [the scandal is].

GLENN GREENWALD: I'll tell you what the scandal is.

MAHER: Great.

GREENWALD: The problem is this arose about six weeks before the election, when everybody was desperate to protect their side. So, FOX News, was, 'this is the worst scandal ever.' MSNBC was, 'Obama did absolutely nothing wrong, he acted perfectly as always.' And the reality was something in between, which was a U.S. ambassador was killed. There's only been six times in our nation's history when that has happened.

The president went on the air, and other people did too, and they made statements that proved to be untrue about why the attack took place -- that it was a reaction to this film. That's just a reality, whether they were lying or was in error, the statements they made was untrue.

MAHER: It was a fluid situation.

GREENWALD: No, but when the government goes on the air and says things that prove to be untrue, that is something that needs to be investigated. And it was a place where President Obama and NATO had gone, and invaded and bombed and changed the regime. (HBO's Real Time, May 10, 2013)

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