NBC's Lisa Myers: Benghazi Hearing "Reopens" Case Against Hillary Clinton


LISA MYERS, NBC NEWS SENIOR INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT: First of all, in her Congressional testimony, which is her only sustained questioning on this subject -- in her Congressional testimony she basically tried to slam the door on any further questions by saying, remember the dramatic statement, 'what difference does it make?'

This reopens, I think, the questions. I don't think we know yet to what extent this does or might damage Hillary Clinton. I think the administration's biggest vulnerability here is -- first of all, how do you send diplomats into this dangerous area to facilities that do not even meet minimum security standards? How do you then reduce their level of security by taking away some of the military personnel that they had? And then, how do you, when you know these people are in trouble, not find someway to move heaven and earth to at least get help there. (Hardball, May 9, 2013)

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