Scarborough On Benghazi: Obama Admin "About To Get Into Some Very Dangerous Territory"


JOE SCARBOROUGH: This doesn't pass the sniff test. And you know what we're about to get into? We're about to get into some very dangerous territory for the administration. They demote this guy, and now they're doing what we we've seen too often where you try to now call him a liar. Saying he doesn't remember? I don't think this guy will forget the events of September 11th and beyond for the rest of his life.

SCARBOROUGH: That's the democratic talking point, I hear it every day. So let me ask you this, do you think you and I know what would have saved people in Benghazi better than someone sitting in Tripoli that was an expert sitting in the embassy? Sitting here in the comfort of this studio in midtown Manhattan, are we just dismissing what Hicks and these other people had to say?
(Morning Joe, May 9, 2013)

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