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Chaffetz: "There Was Never An Intention" To Rescue U.S. Personnel In Benghazi

REP. JASON CHAFFETZ (R-UT): Mr. Chairman, I think one of the unanswered questions here is, if it's a possibility, if there's any chance that we could get military overflight -- if we could get a military flight there, then we would ask permission in advance.

My concern is there was never an intention, there was never an attempt to actually get these military aircraft over there. I think one of the hard questions that we have to ask is not only about the tankers, but what was the NATO response? We flew for months over Libya. Months!

We conducted an air campaign, we have assets, we have NATO partners. We worked, for instance, with the Italians. It is stunning that our government, the power of the United States of America couldn't get a tanker in the air. Mr. Hicks, when did you think this was actually over -- it was done, we were safe?

GREGORY HICKS, BENGHAZI WHISTLEBLOWER: Not until our personnel landed in Tripoli.

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