Ralph Peters On Benghazi: Obama Admin Makes "Nigerian Phone Scammers Look Like Paragons Of Integrity"


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says the Obama administration went into "panic mode" after the terror attack in Benghazi and "put politics above the security of our diplomatic personnel."

"They make Nigerian phone scammers look like paragons of integrity," Peters added.

"I personally believe it would have been very difficult, if not impossible to save those four lives, especially the ambassador because of the timelines. But we should have tried. When people are under fire you don't sit back and say, 'Well, gee, I hope the smoke blows over,'" Lt. Col. Peters said on "FOX & Friends" this morning.

"The Obama administration's case was cowardly, duplicitous and they sacrificed American lives for politics. And the American people need to understand that, despite the fact that the establishment media would cover for Obama no matter what he did," Peters told host Brian Kilmeade.

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