Maher: Ridiculous To Think Second Amendment Protects Us From Government Tyranny


BILL MAHER, HOST OF "REAL TIME" ON HBO: Let me get to some people who are not young: the Republican Party. Because they are mostly old. And how stupid they can be. Because I mentioned this in the monologue and I want to get your reaction. With 44% of Republicans in this poll said we might have to have an armed insurrection? In the next two years? Because their liberties, I guess they are talking about Mayor Bloomberg taking away their soda...


MAHER: Can we just get to, first of all, how ridiculous it is for people to think that the Second Amendment protects them from tyranny? Didn't Waco solve that? We just had the anniversary of Waco a couple of weeks ago. Remember Waco? Didn't they have like 1.9 million rounds of ammunition, they had 50 caliber machine guns , they had grenades, what did the government have? Everything else. The winner and still champion, United States Government. Thinking the Second Amendment can protect you from tyranny, it's like thinking the first amendment protects you from Thor. It's ridiculous. It's nonsensical. And they never called out on it. Not guns when the government has nuclear weapons and the F-22 and the Marine Corps and the drones. (HBO's Real Time, May 3, 2013)

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