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Glenn Beck Delivers Keynote At NRA Convention: "Freedom Of All Mankind Is At Stake"

"They want to fundamentally transform our country and they've just about finished the project," television and radio host Glenn Beck told an audience of thousands Saturday evening at the NRA convention's Stand and Fight Rally in Houston, Texas. "They feel they must regulate us until we comply, but I will not comply."

Beck warned NRA members that the "freedom of all mankind is at stake" and the "right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

In his highly-anticipated keynote speech, Beck conveys his message through stories often ignored by the mainstream media of law-abiding citizens defending themselves with firearms, and the cold, hard facts about gun control that have been rejected by the political elites. "So what is this gun, good or evil? It is nothing! A gun is only a reflection of the people that use it," he declares.

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