Cokie Roberts On Mary Matalin Being Unable To Find Ammo For Gun: "Good"


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, "THIS WEEK" HOST: Cokie Roberts, the president and Senator Joe Manchin who supported the background checks bill and NRA Member vowing to bring it back. Will it come up for another vote in the Senate?

COKIE ROBERTS: I doubt it. And even if it does, I don't think they can do it this year. But I think that the pressure is changing. And what you see in Senator Ayotte's polls and others of the members who voted against the background checks, is that they have come down in the polls.

And Senator Pat Toomey, the senator who went with Manchin, the Republic from Pennsylvania who joined with Manchin on those background checks, his approval ratings have come up and particularly on that gun issue. So it's possible that the politics of this are changing. You've got these organizations, Michael Bloomberg has got these Mayors Against Gun Violence, he's spending a lot of money on it. And the dynamics might start to change on them.


MARY MATALIN: No absolutely. Yes here's what changed, it exploded the NRA membership, it exploded gun purchasing. I became a lifetime member this week. Bought a pistol, can't find ammo anywhere --


MATALIN: This is, the intensity gap, I did manage to find some because I live in -- the intensity gap for the people who support the Second Amendment, this is bigger than guns. And the despicable exploitation of the grief of these victims with legislation that would not have stopped or thwarted any of these tragedies is a real commentary on our --

ROBERTS: I don't think they feel exploited a bit. They're the people who are in there, doing it themselves. And I've talked to several of them, this has become a very passionate issue right now. (This Week, May 5, 2013)

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