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Limbaugh: Obama Apologizing For America To Mexico A Huge "Dog Whistle"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The mainstream media told us that it's a myth that Obama apologizes for this country when he goes abroad. He just apologized to students in Mexico City at the Anthropology Museum. I mean, they told us that he doesn't apologize, that we just make that up, it's just a myth. Now, folks, let me tell you something. This sovereignty business, this is significant. This is not a throwaway. That's a dog whistle. That's the latest term, that we conservatives are sending out dog whistles, you know, things that only other conservatives translate and recognize when they hear. It gets 'em whipped up into a frenzy. The media claims we dog whistle on things about race and sexual orientation and all that.

Let me tell you something. Obama apologizing to these students for America imposing its sovereignty on Mexico, that, folks, is a huge dog whistle to radicalized young Hispanic voters. What Obama has just done is send signals to that voting bloc beneath the radar, 'cause most people are not even gonna pay any attention to it. They're just going to say, "Oh, wow, it's really great our president was talking to some Mexican students, Ethel. It was really cool, and the Mexican students loved our president. It was really neat out there. Did Jay-Z go with him, I wonder? Was Beyonce there?" That's gonna be the extent of it. To people like La Raza, radicalized young Hispanic voters -- Obama's always done this. If anybody engages in dog whistles, it is President Obama.

This radicalized Hispanic voting bloc that's out there under the radar -- he usually does this in Hispanic media. Telemundo, Univision. He counts on the mainstream of America not hearing or understanding what he's saying. But we just blew his cover decoding this. I won't be surprised if we get some blowback on this. They'll start calling me a bunch of names and accusing me of making things up or accusing me of harboring hate for all these people. Accusing me of, once again, Limbaugh goes off on an extreme tangent, expect something like that, because this is huge. There are radicalized Mexicans, California's still theirs, particularly Southern California. Arizona, New Mexico, radicals. And Obama's just fueled 'em. He just told 'em he agrees with 'em.

When he goes down there, when he apologizes, what did he say? (imitating Obama) "And let's admit it, some Mexicans think that America disrespects Mexico or thinks that America's trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty or just wants to wall ourselves off. So I've come to Mexico 'cause I think it's time for us to put the old mind-sets aside, recognize a new reality." And he apologized! So he's dog whistling to 'em. He's letting them know he knows what they think and he's on their side. No, no, no. When he talks about putting old mind-sets aside, he's not talking about them. He's talking about us. This is a big deal.

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