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Lawyer Of Benghazi Whistleblower To State Dept: "Apologize" For Calling Me A Liar

TOENSING: He well knew he had two letters at the State Department of Chairman Darrel Issa requesting a process, a process for lawyers to be cleared. And he then pretended like I had said an employee had come forward.

HEMMER: This is a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State. He’s not in some back room in Washington D.C. He’s the spokesperson. What you’re saying is that he defined employee. He did not define a member of congress. Is that the distinction you’re making.

TOENSING: Yeah! So he’s being all cutsie, playing a straw-man game saying no employees had come forward, when he full well knew that Issa had been asking for two weeks and they had ignored his phone call. Just so people understand, Joe and I had no idea where to go at the State Department. And neither did the House committee or they would have done it. Who would have thought it was the legal employment office, where you get your clearance. I wouldn’t even have thought of that. We don’t have the form. The government has to send you the form. If Secretary Kerry has any integrity or class, he will demand that Mr. Ventell apologize to me.

HEMMER: Have you communicated that to Secretary Kerry?

TOENSING: I’m doing it right now.

HEMMER: What do you expect to hear from him?

TOENSING: I want an apology. He made up statements, saying I said them, and said those are not right statements.

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