Reid On Obamacare: "Unless We Implement This Properly It's Going To Be A Train Wreck"


J.D. FROM LAS VEGAS, CALLER: Did you draft any of the bill, the 2,700 pages, and did you read it and what do you think of Max Baucus calling it a trainwreck?

RUSTY HUMPHRIES, HOST: He's talking about Obamacare, I'm guessing. Go ahead.

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): Of course I read it. I didn't sit down in a Friday evening and read it, you know. This legislation was drafted over a period of months and months. It took a long time to get it done. So I can pass a test on it, I know the law pretty well. But Max Baucus, Max is my friend, he decided not to run for reelection, that's too bad. But he's been there for 34 years in the Senate and he spent 6 or 8 years in the House.

Max said unless we implement this properly it’s going to be a train wreck and I agree with him.

HUMPHRIES: So we're not spending enough money and we're not implanting it properly in your opinion?

REID: Yes. Here's what we have now, J.D., we have the menu but we don't have anyway to get to the menu and so that's why we need… And we're taking money -- the president is taking money. I wish we just had money to do this on its own but he's agreed, he's determined [that] he's going to take money from some other things that he feels are less important in the healthcare bill and put it on letting you and others know what's in the bill. And what they can do to either accept parts that would be helpful to them, or not.

HUMPHRIES: So you think Obamacare is good?

REID: Rusty, I believe that a country of our size, the only superpower left in the world, it's not right that we have 50, 60 million -- we had, we don't have it now -- people with no health insurance. We have to have a program where health insurance shouldn't go to the people that are rich. People who are upper middle class.

I believe the middle class and people who are below the middle class deserve to go to the hospital when they're sick. You shouldn't have to declare bankruptcy when you have a traffic accident, or some dreaded disease hits your family. (Rusty Humphries Show, May 1, 2013)

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