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Bloomberg's Al Hunt: Obama "Barely Keeping His Head Above Water" In Second Term

SCARBOROUGH: So, we are at a strange point, where the president is not even six months into his second term, and he already looks like a lame duck to many people who are top analysts.

HUNT: Yeah, this is a familiar pattern sometimes in second terms. But if you look back at six months ago, and where Obama thought he might be today, I ate to use this analogy, it’s painful, but he is like my Washington Nationals. Expectations are pretty high, and he’s just barely keeping his head above water. He won a pretty impressive reelection. He thought republicans would be less resistant. I agree with Sam’s examples, but the sequestration itself—

SCARBOROUGH: Isn’t that fascinating, Al, that, I remember a lot of us talking to the president before, talking to the president’s people. They really believe that the reelection would make Republicans lay down their swords. And bend them into plowshares. And it just didn’t happen.

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