Krauthammer On Obama's Response To Chemical Weapons in Syria: "Chain Of Custody? What Is This, CSI: Damascus?"


Chain of custody? What is this, CSI: Damascus? In the middle of a war you expect a chain of custody and decide if a weapon was used? Look, this is a president who sees himself as a liberal reformer. He remember what happened to LBJ. He knows what happened to George Bush. You get involved in a foreign war, your presidency is ruined. And I think he has been determined from the first instant with Syria that he would not allow himself to be dragged in.

I think the reason he put out this supposed red line about chemical weapons is that he imagined, a, it wouldn't be used or that it was a way to actually postpone a decision until the future. And now that he has this kind of, you know -- he doesn't have an overwhelming instance as we had in the Saddam days where he -- Saddam attacked the village from the air and killed thousands of people in one day. In the absence of that, I don't think he will allow any evidence to compel him to engage in military activity. I think that's where he starts from, and all over this stuff dancing around it, he is not going to allow himself to get involved. (Special Report, April 30, 2013)

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