Maher On Boston Manhunt: "This Country Is Becoming A Police State"


On the Friday broadcast of his HBO show Real Time, host Bill Maher opined on the police force used in Boston following the twin bombings and during the manhunt for the younger Tsarnaev brother in the suburb of Watertown.

"I want to talk about the police," Bill Maher said. "I want to talk about the police, who I am a supporter of and of course, obviously, we all are. We would be in big trouble without the police."

Maher proceeded to show images of what the police presence looked like in a urban city like Boston.

"I mean, if this is what you have, why don't you invade a country?" Maher opined. "I mean, go up to Canada, take their oil."

"You might want to call it an urban assault vehicle," Maher said of the half-track vehicle manned by the Boston Police Department.

"This country is becoming a police state and it is very troubling to me," Maher observed.

Maher's panel consisting of actress Anna Deavere Smith, commentator John Avlon, political adviser Robert Traynham and comedian Jimmy Kimmel also weighed in on the topic.

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