April 25, 2013 Archives

April 25, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer On Syria: "What's At Stake Here Is Whether Anything This President Now Says Is Believable"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I think what’s really important here is that what’s at stake is not the trajectory of the Syrian war. There’s something else at stake here, and that’s America’s word. Whatever Obama does, I don’t think he’ll do anything. He’ll try to minimize this. He’ll try to caveat himself out of this. But even if

Chris Matthews: Killing Arabs On Television "Might Have Something To Do With Jihad"

CHRIS MATTHEWS: We watched this gory hanging, this absurd hanging, of Saddam Hussein, while these thugs went about this thing on television. We watched this, on our watch. It happened because of us, we gave them the power to do this to the guy. Okay, you start making the big time moral decisions like that, saying 'Oh, these are the good guys, these

Rep. Peter King: Other People Were Involved In Boston Terror Attack

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) says he believes "there were other people involved domestically" in marathon plot. TAPPER: Based on the intelligence that you have been briefed on in the last day or so, do you believe this was just a two-man operation or do you think that they were part of a larger terrorist group one way or the other? KIN

Bush: "In The End, Leaders Are Defined By The Convictions They Hold"

"In democracy, the purpose of public office is not to fulfill personal ambition. Elected officials must serve a cause greater themselves. The political winds blow left and right, polls rise and fall, supporters come and go. But in the end, leaders are defined by the convictions they hold. And my deepest conviction, the guiding principle of the admi

President Obama Speaks At The Memorial For Firefighters In West, Texas

President Obama attends a memorial for those who died in the blast in West, Texas.

George W. Bush Reflects On Presidency With Bret Baier, Says GOP Is "Leaderless"

On the Republican party: "We're leaderless now. The Republican Party is leaderless. It's not the first time we've been leaderless, nor will it be the last time a political party is leaderless. In other words, we've been in the wilderness and, pretty soon, our party will start coalescing around somebody to become our leader. I wish his name was J

Barbara Bush: "We've Had Enough Bushes"

"I really don't. I think it's a great country. There are a lot of great families, and it's not just four families or whatever. There are other people out there that are very qualified. We've had enough Bushes," former First Lady Barbara Bush said on NBC's "Today" show on Thursday.

Rand Paul: Immigration Reform Can't Pass Without Conservative Votes

"This isn't passing unless it gets through a conservative House. Unless they ram it through with all Democrats in the House and a few Republicans, it's not going to pass," Paul said. "I think that's an important part of this that the Gang of Eight is going to have to figure out." "I've told them this repeatedly in private and in public, 'If you

Frank Luntz: Limbaugh, Mark Levin Are "Problematic" For GOP

FRANK LUNTZ: And they get great ratings, and they drive the message, and it's really problematic. And this is not on the Democratic side. It's only on the Republican side…[inaudible]. [Democrats have] got every other source of news on their side. And so that is a lot of what's driving it. If you take—Marco Rubio's getting his ass kicked. Who's

Obama Praises Bush At Presidential Library Dedication: "He Is A Good Man"

President Obama spoke about President Bush's character, love of country and resolve in the days following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. PRESIDENT OBAMA: "And now we can see President Bush, the grandfather, beginning to spoil his brand new granddaughter. So we know President Bush the man. And what President Clinton said

Jon Stewart Rips FOX News For Ignoring Bill Of Rights After Boston Bombing

Daily Show: Following the Boston bombing, the freedom lovers at Fox jettison Constitutional amendments like Han Solo dumping his cargo at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser

McCain: Obama Looking For "An Excuse" Not To Intervene In Syria

MCCAIN: I’m worried that the president and the administration will use the caveats as an excuse to not act right away or to not act at all. The president clearly stated that it was a red line and that it couldn’t be crossed without the United States taking vigorous action.

David Plouffe: The Next Steps In Gun Control Legislation

Bloomberg Contributor David Plouffe discusses gun control with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."

George W. Bush On Iraq, Future Of GOP, Jeb Bush & Presidency

Former President George W. Bush says he remains "very comfortable" with his decision to invade Iraq in a wide-ranging interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer. Bush also addresses a potential Jeb Bush presidential campaign, the Republican Party's future and the opening of his presidential library. On purpose of presidential museum: "The purpose of

Bob Baer: FBI And CIA Failed To Heed Warnings On Boston Bomber

"It's systemic absolutely. There's no other way to describe it as a failure," said. former CIA operative Bob Baer on the recent news that the CIA also ignored reports on bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. "Immigrations didn't tell the FBI that he was leaving, Immigrations didn't tell the FBI that he was coming back. We don't know what the CIA told

Brit Hume: Changing Views About George W. Bush

Hume credits Bush's "dignified silence" for his renewed popularity.

Maddow: Crackpot Conspiracy Theories Enjoy Mainstreaming By Right

Alice Hoagland, mother of Mark Bingham, who was killed on 9/11 on United flight 93, talks with Rachel Maddow about dealing with wild conspiracy theorists and the dismaying mainstreaming of the conspiracy-minded fringe in right-wing media. 

O'Reilly: "Lone Wolf" Vs. Conspiracy In Boston Attack

O'Reilly doubts the "lone wolf" narrative of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Matthews: How Do We Tell When "Radicalization" Happens?

NBC Justice Correspondent Pete Williams and Congressman Bill Keating of Massachusetts join Chris Matthews to discuss how the Boston Marathon bombing suspects crossed the line between having an “attitude” and deciding to kill many people.

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