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Paul Ryan Addresses City Club Of Chicago: Immigration Reform Needed To Restore The American Idea

On April 22, 2013, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke to the City Club of Chicago on the need for an immigration system that is accountable, efficient and effective. Joined by Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Ryan advanced principles that should guide bipartisan immigration-reform effort, and made the case that legal immigration strengthens America.

PAUL RYAN: "We need to secure the border. We are in an age of national-security threats of transnational terrorism. We have drug cartels that are trying to ship drugs in to pollute the lives of our children. We need to secure the border."


RYAN: "We need to enforce our laws. We need to have laws that we can enforce. Right now, we encourage people to break the law and we punish people who follow the law."
"We need to let legal immigrants come here legally. You have to have a workable guest worker program. You have to have a system so that high tech employers can get high tech entrepreneurs. You have to have a system where you can get agricultural demand met. You have to have a system, going forward, that deals with future flow, so that we don’t wind up like we did after 1996 and 1986 with broken immigration going into the future."

"We have to offer people a path to earned legalization. We have to invite people to come out of the shadows. We have to have a system that people have confidence in. It is a system whereby people who have been contributing here can get right with the law. It is a system that still respects the rule of law."

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