Krauthammer: "The Lengths To Which Obama Will Go To Avoid Telling Us About The Enemy Is Becoming Comical"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I say I don't know what he is thinking, but I sure know what he is saying and doing. The lengths to which he will go to avoid telling us the truth about the enemy is becoming comical, it's certainly embarrassing. For example, he will never -- forget about the word jihadist, he'll never use that. But he refuses to use the word Islamist which is used throughout the Muslim world. It's used by journalists, authors, on the street, in the parliament, everywhere, in Egypt, it's used in Lebanon, it's used everywhere by Muslims.

And yet, Obama won't touch it because he refuses to use any words that might imply a connection between radical Islam and terrorism, which as anybody who is over the age of 9 knows is the single greatest cause of terror in the world today. I'll give you one example, which is completely overlooked by everyone. It was a rather trivial one.

When he was in Israel, he gave a speech in Jerusalem. And in the middle of the speech, he talked about the rise of the Islamist parties in Egypt and elsewhere -- the [Muslim] Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya, etc. And what was the phrase he used? 'We have to be concerned about the rise of nonsecular parties.' What a weird word to use. The word is religious parties. The word is Islamist parties. Yet, even in this trivial throw away line, in a speech in Jerusalem, he refuses to use the obvious word.


I think it’s more than PR. Because, if you want to lead a nation in a fight it takes a long time. The drone attacks are happening off-screen. Below the radar. It doesn’t affect us in our lives. Yes, I commend him on that. Yes, it is happening. But he tries to keep all of this at bay, as if it’s not happening, as if it’s all secret. We don’t hear about it, and every once in a while you get an attack like the one in Boston and people say, what’s going on? I thought Obama said the tide of war was receding. I thought, we dn’t even use the phrase War on Terror. I thought the guy who killed 13 Americans in the Fort Hood shooting, who jumped up ona table and yelled allahu ackbar, which is the signature of the jihad, is still today called by this administration workplace violence. As if the guy went postal.

O’REILLY: It’s absurd.

KRAUTHAMMER: It’s absurd and I think it undermines the strength of America.

O’REILLY: Do you ever think we’ll know why? Do you ever think we’ll know why the president is doing this, ever?

KRAUTHAMMER: I’m not sure. We can all speculate. I don’t think he’ll even admit it. He’ll say I want to protect minorities.

O’REILLY: HE hasn’t used the word muslim terrorism in this whole thing.

KRAUTHAMMER: He’s afraid if he uses the word it’s going to stigmatize a billion people on earth, which is ridiculous. (O'Reilly Factor, April 23, 2013)

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