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David Brooks: Ted Cruz "Has A Face That Looks Like Joe McCarthy"

In an interview with veteran reporter Jeff Greenfield on April 21 at 92nd Street Y, New York Times columnist David Brooks addresses new Republican lawmakers that are seen as controversial

BROOKS: So Ted Cruz is, just violates my sense and I think if you mention the name Ted Cruz to other senators, you just get titanic oceans of eye-rolling. Because you’re a freshman, you don’t go in and take over hearings. You, like, hang around, learn how it's done.

It’s like the most un-conservative act to come in two weeks into the job and decide the Senate exists for you to take it over. So I think he’s made a lot of enemies. It doesn’t help that he has a face that looks a little like Joe McCarthy, actually. So, you know, I find him a little off-putting.

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