Carney: Obama "Not Focused On His Life After Presidency"


QUESTION: Congressman Duncan of Tennessee has introduced a bill that says those organizations that collect money for presidential libraries should disclose the donors, those over $200. And I’m wondering what the President’s thoughts are on that.

JAY CARNEY: I’m not aware of the legislation.


QUESTION: Would he -- would he support this proposal?

CARNEY: I would have to just say that I’m not even aware of the legislation.

Peter. I did say Chris -- then Peter.

QUESTION: On that point, where is he at in thinking about his own library? Has he begun thinking about a site? There’s talk about Chicago or Hawaii.

CARNEY: I haven’t had a discussion with the President about that, and I talk to him almost every day. He’s focused on the work that he’s doing now in office to try to advance the priorities that he laid out in the campaign last year and laid out in the State of the Union address and in his inaugural address.

He wants action taken to grow the economy and create jobs. He wants action taken to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that he can sign into law. He wants action to reduce gun violence -- common-sense action to reduce gun violence. He wants more action taken to enhance our energy security and our environment. He has a broad agenda that he’s working on. He’s not focused on his life after the presidency.

QUESTION: Does anybody focus on it, though, on his behalf?

CARNEY: Not that I’m aware of.

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