April 21, 2013 Archives

April 21, 2013 Archives

FNC's Political Insiders: Media Ignores "Real-World Problems"

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) discuss food stamps, Americans thinking homegrown terrorists are "greatest threat" to the country, immigration, recruiting terrorists on the internet, gun control and more. (via Johnny Dollar)

Brokaw: "What Prompts A Young Man To Come To This Country And Still Feel Alienated From It?"

BROKAW: I think there's something else that goes beyond the event that we've all been riveted by in the last week. We have to work a lot harder at the motivation here. What prompts a young man to come to this country and still feel alienated from it, to go back to Russia and do whatever he did? I don't think we've examined that enough. There was 24

Jeffrey Goldberg: Welcome To "The Era Of The Suspicious Package"

DAVID GREGORY: Jeffrey Goldberg, you have chronicled how societies react to terrorism, particularly in Israel, and in all your reporting in the Middle East. There’s a lot to what Tom says about Islamic rage, about how society has changed and how this potentially changes us. MR. JEFFREY GOLDBERG (Columnist, Bloomberg View/Writer, The Atlantic):

Brokaw: "Islamic Rage Didn't Go Away; In Some Ways It's More Dangerous"

BROKAW: I don't think any of us are any more insulated from this kind of violence because it's on television 24/7. My wife and I were getting ready for dinner Friday night when they finally began to find him and capture him, and I said to her, this is a reality show we're going to be living with for a long time. We went through recently under diffe

Kristol On Boston Bomber: "If We Don't Use Enemy Combatant For Him, When Are We Going To Use It?"

CHRIS WALLACE: But we also have to protect our homeland, Bill, and the question becomes, is there an intelligence connection? Or are there other people involved? Do we have enemies planning other plots? So, how do you balance, on the one hand, constitutional protection, he is an American citizen with the need to get all the intelligence out of this

Harris-Perry On Boston Bombers' Religion: "This Framed-Up Notion Of Islam Making Them Something That Is Non-Normal"

ZAHEER ALI: I am looking interestingly to see if there will be an attempt to redeem or make separations. So, its the older brother who is the Islamist who dragged the younger brother who was, you know, an assimilated American. The other brother, you know, was kind of the swarthier-looking one. The younger brother was, in fact, called a light-skinne

Obamacare Adviser Zeke Emanuel: Uncertainty Driving Up Premiums

On "Press Pass" Former Obama advisor Zeke Emanuel says that Obamacare's uncertainty is driving up premium costs. ZEKE EMANUEL: And the last thing of course is what happens with cost, which may be the biggest question of all. Can the premiums be capped relatively stable and not growing at ten, twelve percent. The first year is filled with uncerta

"Meet The Press" Panel: Boston Attack's Aftermath And Implications

A Meet the Press panel of experts discusses the political response to the Boston marathon tragedy and how such an incident tends to alter the national political dialogue.

"FOX News Sunday" Panel: Boston Bombings, Immigration, Gun Control

Bill Kristol of "The Weekly Standard," former Congresswoman Jane Harman, former CIA director and global security consultant General Michael Hayden, and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams discuss.

"This Week" Roundtable: Boston Bombing, Suspect's History With Police

Rep. Bennie Thompson, Sen. Dan Coats, Richard Haass, Martha Raddatz, and David Remnick discuss with "This Week" moderator George Stephanopoulos.

"Face The Nation" Panel With Newtown Families: "We're Not Going Away"

Family members of Newtown victims Neil Heslin, Carlee Soto and Erica Lafferty say they won't give up on gun control despite the Senate's vote last week. Carlee Soto: We're not going away. We're going to keep fighting for our loved ones and everyone else who has died from gun violence. You know, we knew going into it that we weren't g

Sen. Dick Durbin: "Immigration Reform Will Make Us Safer"

SEN. DURBIN: It is. But let me add one other element. Let me bring it up to date with the agenda of the Senate. I’ll return tomorrow for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s second hearing on the new immigration reform bill. Let me put it in context. There are four specific provisions in this immigration reform bill that will make America safer. We

MA Gov. Deval Patrick: Video Shows Bomb Suspect Dodging Blast

GOV. DEVAL PATRICK (D-MA): "It does seem to be pretty clear that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion. It's pretty clear about his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly."

CNN Reenactment: Intense, Final Moments Of Boston Terror Manhunt

CNN's Tom Foreman recreates the intense final moments, and thermal images that led to the capture of the second suspect in the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Why Give Boston Bombing Suspect Tsarnaev Miranda Rights?

Former prosecutor Beth Wilkinson, who prosecuted Oklahoma City, on why Miranda rights matter for Boston bombing suspect.

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