Krauthammer On Boston Bomber: 50-50 "Likelihood That It Is Islamic Terrorism"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's important because you can get all kinds of conspiracy theories, coverups -- the Saudi, why is he being deported? Why is there a meeting? All of these, I think, are really harmful. If the FBI says these are our guys, it isn't a coverup and isn't a conspiracy. I think the likelihood that it is Islamic terrorism [based] on the history of the attacks in the homeland for the last decade, you'd say it's probably 50-50.

However, the fact that there has been no declaration of anybody saying 'we did it,' as normally happens when it is jihadists. So the propaganda effect isn't there. And second, the fact that it's a crude operation, you know. al Qaeda doesn't often do trashcans, or backpacks, indicating it could be, at least, I think it's slightly more likely non-al Qaeda, non-jihadist. (Special Report, April 18, 2013)

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