Current TV Hosts "Hope" Boston Marathon Bombers Are White


Cenk Uygur, Brown University Professor Tricia Rose, Mediaite editor Noah Rothman, and β€œThe War Room” host Michael Shure debate whether or not it’s okay Americans to hope the people who committed the Boston Marathon attacks are of a certain race, ethnicity or religious background.

β€œI have to be honest with myself,” Cenk says. β€œI was rooting for non-Middle Eastern.”

"Yeah, I was hoping for a white guy, because I know the way that American is reactionary, and has proven so in the past," Shure said. "The way that they go after [minorities]. You know, after 9/11 they were killing Sikh Indians in gas stations in Texas, or a Sikh Indian. And it was very difficult, the profiling that happened after that. So, yeah, I think it keeps the flames down."

"If it is a white American guy, I think that -- that's what I was rooting for and I'll confess to it too," Shure tried to explain.

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