April 17, 2013 Archives

April 17, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer: Obama Using Newtown Families For Gun Control Is "Emotional Blackmail"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The question is: Would it have had any effect on Newtown? If you're going to make all these emotional appeals -- he's saying you're betraying the families -- you've got to show how if this had been law it would've stopped Newtown. It would not have. It’s irrelevant. I wouldn’t have objected, I might’ve gone the way of

Dennis Miller Rips Obama, Axelrod & Barney Frank For Bombing Reactions

DENNIS MILLER: On day two, when the president says anytime bombs are used against innocents, it's terrorism -- at that point, day one, it becomes important to me. In a vague way, I just go, 'wow, yesterday he didn't say that.' And the second thing is, when he says we want to find out who did this and why they did this. I find why to be such a s

Rand Paul: Obama Has Used Newtown Families As "Props"

"I hate to see using people, I think, as props and politicizing people’s tragedy. When I see the father and the mothers and them testifying and I know they are coming voluntarily and they want to come and be part of this debate. It still saddens me just to see them. And I think that in some cases the president has used them as props. That disappo

Carney Responds To Rand Paul: Newtown Families Are Here Because "Their Children Were Murdered"

QUESTION: I’m going to ask about immigration in a moment, but one more question I’d be remiss if I didn't ask you regarding guns, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said -- only a matter of hours ago today, he accused the President of

Greg Gutfeld On Media's Reaction To The Boston Marathon Bombing

GREG GUTFELD: "You got Michael Moore, Nick Kristof, Chris Matthews and others tossing blame at everyone. My gut says when you go political early, it’s more ego — a desire to score points against people you dislike. Joy Reid at MSNBC even used the attack to hit on George Bush, and then there is Salon’s David Sirota, who writes, quote, ‘Let

Dem Sen: Newtown Mom Told Me "We're Not Close To Done" With Gun Control

CHRIS HAYES: What did you tell those -- I mean, what would you like to tell those victim families? I don't know if you go to talk to them, but when you heard that one woman say 'shame on you' what went through your head? SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL (D-CT): First of all I spent some time with the Newtown families, after the vote, and I will tell you

Obama On Failed Gun Legislation: "This Was A Pretty Shameful Day In Washington"

Senate Republicans, backed by rural-state Democrats, blocked legislation to tighten restrictions on the sale of firearms. Attempts to ban assault-style rifles and high capacity magazines also faced certain defeat in a series of showdown votes four months after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. The background check measure commanded a majority but

GOP Rep. Gohmert: Radical Islamists Being Trained To Act Hispanic

REP. LOUIE GOHMERT (R-TX): "We know Al Qaeda has camps over with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border. We know that people are now being trained to come in and act Hispanic when they're radical Islamists. We know these things are happening and we -- it's just insane not to protect ourselves." (C-SPAN's Washington Journal,

54-46: Gun Control Amendment Fails In Senate

CNN's Dana Bash reports on the bipartisan gun control amendment failing in the Senate.

Melissa Harris-Perry Promo: My Father Signed Birthday Cards With "The Struggle Continues"

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, whose previous promo ads have raised eyebrows, shares how her father would sign her birthday cards with the phrase "the struggle continues."

Chris Matthews: McCain "Back In My Heart Again" For Gun Control Vote

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Mary Landrieu (D) from Louisiana, that was a very courageous vote. I think Joe Manchin (D-WV) really came up, he bellied up and did the right thing. He went up there, he found a partner in Pat Toomey (R ) of Pennsylvania. I think Pat Toomey deserves reelection at this point -- on this issue, at least. I think John McCain, once again

Reid: Gun Control "More Important Than Preventing Imagined Tyranny"

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) mocked Second Amendment rights activists while announcing his support for a ban on assault weapons and limits to high-capacity magazine clips on the Senate floor today. REID: In the 1920s, organized crime was committing murders with machine guns. So Congress dramatically limited the sale and transfer of mac

Sharpton Uses Boston Bombing To Push For Gun Control

REV AL SHARPTON (17 April 2013): One of the things that’s so interesting to me is that with all of these threats and all of these actual attacks, three people dead in Boston, one an eight year old child, we see the prosecutors killed in Texas, they made an arrest on that today, why are we even debating background checks in the Senate? I mean how

Stuart Varney: Leave Politics Out Of Boston Marathon Bombing

STUART VARNEY: I've been watching television a lot, the coverage of the bombings. And yesterday, I saw two different press conferences. The first one was by a doctor, who had been amputating that limbs of the victims, and he described in some detail -- horrific detail -- the nails, which the bomber deliberately put into the bomb to shred the limbs

Jon Stewart Mocks Immigration Reform Debate

Daily Show: The bipartisan Senate "gang of eight" finally builds a barrier that immigrants won't be able to get past.

Obama "Familiar" With Gosnell, Can't Comment On An "Active Trial"

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, NBC: Have you been watching the Gosnell trial? It's a Philadelphia abortion doctor accused of gruesome crimes. Are you following it and do you think it animates a larger debate about abortion in this country? PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I am familiar with it. I can't comment on it because it's an active trial. What I can say is this

Feinstein: Background Checks "Would Not Have Prevented Newtown"

DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-CA): "Mr. President, I'm sure background checks will stop many would-be murderers, but they would not have prevented Newtown. The weapons were legally purchased by his mother. And while he was disturbed, he had no criminal record or record of mental illness and would not have been subject to a background check because his mother

Obama On Gun Control: After Newtown, "I Feel Personally Responsible"

"I feel personally responsible the same way I hope every parent out there feels responsible for all our kids. The key thing for me, is every once in a while we are confronted with an issue that should transcend politics," President Obama said in an interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie that aired on the network's Wednesday broadcast of "Today."

O'Reilly: Another Terror Attack On American Soil

O'Reilly comments on the implications of the Boston Marathon terror attack.

"Special Report" Panel: Senators Briefed About Ricin Sent To Sen. Wicker

Charles Krauthammer, A.B. Stoddard, and Jason Riley reflect on the implications of the poison ricin sent to Sen. Wicker's office.

Matthews: New Photos From Finish Line Examined By FBI

NBC’s Pete Williams reports on the latest details surrounding the investigation into the Boston Marathon blasts. Chris Matthews also speaks with former CIA counterterrorism director Larry Johnson about the aftermath of the event. 

Maddow: "Pressure Cooker Bombs" Identified In Boston Attack

Dan Borelli, former senior FBI official and former member of the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force, talks with Rachel Maddow about new indications that the Boston explosions were the result of "pressure cooker bombs," and whether the relatively commonplace device makes investigating the crime more difficult.

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