Santelli: Why Doesn't Obama Want To Take Credit For The Stock Market?


RICK SANTELLI: Do you ever notice, whether it's our guests or the president, nobody takes credit in the White House for the new all-time time highs in the stock market. And the president likes to take credit for just about everything? Why do you think that is, Bill?

BILL GRIFFIN: Tell me a president who doesn't like to take credit for things.

SANTELLI: Because there's a whole lot more to it.

MARIA BARTIROMO: You said, "why do you think that is." Why do you think that is? What do you mean?

SANTELLI: Take a look at his base, young people, they voted for him in force. Then take a look at their unemployment rate. There's a lot of reasons. This rally is just loaded with question marks and experimentation as to how it got here. It's here and you can get your check.

GRIFFIN: We've talked a lot about that, Todd. This is an unloved rally. Every time we hit new all-time highs, we wouldn't get the kind of headlines we got in the past.

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