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Fleischer: Obama's Response To Boston Attack Was "Appropriate"

CNN's Erin Burnett talks to Ari Fleischer about President Obama's response to the deadly explosions at the Boston marathon.

ARI FLEISCHER, FMR. BUSH WH PRESS SECRETARY: Two hours after an attack, it's appropriate for the president to be one of the most cautious people speaking about it. The power of the White House and particularly the power of the presidency, every word gets magnified. Caution is the right approach for the president. And, frankly, that's what he did today.

On a day like today, this is a day you support everybody, who is doing their best to handle what happened in Boston.


FLEISCHER: Two points, one on the staff level. One in congruity that I don't understand is why the staff is calling it terrorism and the president isn't. They should be in sync.

FLEISCHER: If the president doesn't use the word, the staff should not use the word, even on background.

As for what comes next, the White House should not be tempted because the reporters demand answers and to giving answers before they have facts. Speculation is a killer in that position. You do not engage in speculation, because as soon as you say it, everybody runs to a say the White House today said. And there is no room for nuance.

So, the White House's motto must be caution, no speculation. Don't say it until you know it. And that also means the White House is the last to reach a conclusion that other agencies and other people are saying. So be it. It may frustrate the press. But that's the way the White House should act because of the power of the White House's words.

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