GOP Congressman: Boston Bombing Has Signature Of A Middle Eastern Terror Attack


REP. MIKE MCCAUL (R-TX), HOUSE HOMELAND SECURITY CHAIRMAN: It is very reminiscent of the Times Square bombing. And the fact that it's Patriots Day, I think has maybe some significance. As you and I were talking about earlier, there are reports, earlier reports that there were ball bearings used in these explosive devices, which is very consistent with IEDs. This is a preferred method and route of choice for the terrorists to kill Americans.

So again, it's very early stages in the investigation. But if indeed there turn out to be ball bearings, I would consider that a significant factor in terms of this being a sort IED device that's very similar to what the terrorists used overseas in the Middle East.

REP. MCCAUL: I have had some earlier reporting that there were shrapnel, ball bearings involved in these bombings. Again, that's very significant when you look at the signature threat down here. The signature threat of an IED is ball bearings. So if that indeed was the case here and we know two bombs went off, one was potentially self-detonated by the Coast Guard at the John F. Kennedy Library. If ball bearings were used, I think that's illustrative in terms of tracing back to the perpetrator and the motivation. (Special Report, April 15, 2013)

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