CNN Analyst: "Right-Wing Extremist" Could Be Behind Boston Bombing


PETER BERGEN, CNN NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: But, you know, the fact there were two explosions, two bombings -- one of the things I would be looking at is, once the device, if it is a device, is found, what kind of explosives were used?

So, for instance, if it was hydrogen peroxide, this is sort of a signature of al Qaeda. If it was more conventional explosives, which are much harder to get pulled off now, that might be some other kind of right-wing extremist.

We've seen a number of failed bombing attempts by al Qaeda using bombs, Najibullah Zazi and, for instance, Manhattan subway in 2009, Faisal Shahzad, in Times Square in 2010, the attempt to bring down the Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on 2009.

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